Living In Style

Once in a while an opportunity arises to design a boutique building that can become a statement not only to those astute enough to acquire one of its residences, but also to the community it surrounds. This prestigious address offers 22 unique experiences with beautiful spaces that express themselves as highly desirable affordable homes, rather than just luxury apartments. Unique spaces that allow the owner to layer their own living style on a strong foundation.

Each defined element of Brooklyn 22 is a breathtaking experience starting from the dramatic and expansive façade, to the contemporary foyer and highly practical onsite facilities. These apartments simply make sense with layouts far superior to many other modern day multi-dwelling projects.

As you walk through the living spaces that comprise Brooklyn 22 you will be greeted by a level of sophistication not normally found in boutique apartment buildings. Brooklyn 22 offers a beautifully balanced combination of floorcoverings, from striking porcelain floor tiles to luxuriously designed carpet.

All kitchen and bathroom spaces are finished with highly durable fixtures and fittings hailing the latest trends in tap-ware and sanitary design. Bench-top surfaces to all kitchen spaces incorporate 20mm reconstituted stone finishes, further complementing the exquisite gloss cabinetry and stainless steel European alliances.

Each apartment offers its own unique configuration which includes cleverly designed personal storage and enticing balcony spaces allowing the indoor to easily flow through to the outdoor.